Adventurous by Nature

With green parks and walking trails throughout the community, open-air experiences are second nature at The Preserve at Chino. Every time you step out the front door, the exploration kicks in—and you become fully immersed in the beauty of nature.
woman holding son in the park
A walking path at The Preserve at Chino
When your backyard comes with this kind of endless recreation and evergreen amenities, your connection to the great outdoors becomes just as natural as your morning coffee.

Discovery Park

Explore The Parks

  • Founders Park
  • Hidden Hollow Park
  • Forest Park
  • Garden Park
  • Nature Retreat Park
  • Mulberry Park
  • Discovery Park
  • Meridian Park
  • Secret Garden Park
Founders Park
Tot Lot, Picnic Area, BBQs, Two Baseball Fields, Open Space
Hidden Hollow Park
Tot Lot, Open Field, Gazebo
Forest Park
Tot Lot, Gazebos, Half Basketball Court, Walking Trail, Large Open Field
Garden Park
Rose Garden, Scent Garden, Butterfly & Nectar Plant Garden, Tot Lot, Gazebos, Picnic Areas, Two Half Basketball Courts, Open Play Area, BBQs, Walking Track
Nature Retreat Park
Tot Lot, Two Tennis Courts, Two Half Basketball Courts, Gazebos, Walking Trail, BBQs
Mulberry Park
Picnic Areas, Open Space, Fountain
Discovery Park
Tai Chi Garden, Educational Play Area, Dog Park, Obstacle Course, Tot Lot, Basketball Court
Meridian Park
Large Open Field, Tot Lot, Gazebo, Half Basketball Court, Walking Trail, BBQs Picnic Areas, Open Space
Secret Garden Park
Tot Lot, Gazebo
Nature Map